We Have Divine Fire

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Welcome to WeHaveDivineFire.com, the website for the solo creative and artistic project of James Cook, unconstrained by media and genre boundaries. Based in Bradford in the north of England, We Have Divine Fire began during the first UK lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 as an outlet for my musical creativity during a time when collaboration with my band was not possible and, going forward, it will serve as a unified project for all of my solo creative output. Whilst this will always primarily be musical, I hope to explore other creative and artistic ideas using this platform.

An Introduction To We Have Divine Fire

The Music Fan

I'm a massive music fan and believe that people who enjoy music should, if financially able to do so, support the people that make the music they love. Buying music through Bandcamp is a great way of ensuring musicians get a much fairer slice of the pie for their hard work. Below are my last five purchases (or official freebies, thank you!) on this valuable resource.

Age Of Infernal - Just For The Hell Of ItOperation Overlord - Beyond The VeilKiffie - Funeral For The FutureEikin - TvierSeramind - Lavendel